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The Laugh

A priceless moment just happened- a circle of 35+ people from all over the place gathered in a wool shed and shared a good hearty laugh. 215 pearly teeth shown, joyous crows feet gathered at the corners of sparkling eyes, happy tummies bellowed ha’s as we shared a moment of natural and wholesome bliss. The assembly was on behalf of giving kudos for applying permie principles in personal designs during the second week of a PDC here at Milkwood. These people are indeed my brothers and sisters. We gather because we desire to learn from each other, share a community with each other. The community is artificial in the sense that it is temporary, arbitrarily organised in to chores and work groups, but we are here for a common purpose: this thing called permaculture. Permanent, and culture. Yep, we are creating a culture. Nothing is permanent in the universe, but there are things I suspect surpass culture, have been with humanity since forever and will last until infinity. One of those things is a laugh. We connect on an immeasurable level through a laugh- we don’t know why, we can’t explain how, we just do it. It is infectious, yet causes no disease. It makes happy neourons fire and makes every face instantly more attractive to see. It means connection. Instantly gratifying and no withdrawals. It is a cheers to life, a song to the great spirit, a hug we give ourselves and share with others. Seeing beautiful like-minded people in the most perfect pattern, a circle, all expressing vitality and joy in such a primeval way was better than any symphony, and I dare say any day out in the wild. It was love. May that laugh we all shared echo in our hearts forever. Namaste, graduating Milkwood PDC class of 2011.


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