Sometimes reading a book, doing a course or having a good chat just isn’t enough. You need to get out, put your hands in the soil and learn from experience. For anyone who has done a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), you’ll know the feeling –  inspired, overwhelmed and itching to get something started. Whether it be small or large scale, Permaculture principles have the potential for broad application and provide scope for both urban and rural environments.

So here we are: each of us have our own set of life experiences, personal interests and expectations (and oddities). In this way, we all bring unique and diverse viewpoints to the table.

Located near Mudgee NSW, Milkwood is a small organic family farm and a Permaculture Demonstration Farm in the making. Milkwood features an array of permaculture design features, such as passive-solar housing, a food forest, seedball production, kitchen gardens, and permaculture earthworks and water-harvesting features.

Milkwood has been running an internship program for a while now, providing the opportunity for PDC graduates to gain on-site experience by participating in farm chores, system establishment and the running of on-farm courses. We work hard and we get food, shelter and a tonne of knowledge in return, huzzah!

Those of us inclined to banging out our thoughts in this forum will document their experience day to day or week to week and in turn provide insights and information on the machinations of a Permaculture Farm.  We hope that future Interns will maintain this Blog keeping you updated. – Belinda Joy Sheekey, Milkwood intern, Autumn 2010.


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