Earth Dom-ain

Earth dome rendering was the theme and rubber gloves were the attire.

We have all walked past the earth dome numerous times over the past month and each had our fantasy of what it could become, or at least which one of us could possibly occupy it once finished.
I myself imagine a lead light door, a futon mattress, an old candelabra and the smoke and aromas of insence!

Situated in the wood land just east of the intern tent city, the earth dome today continued to take shape.

The objective was to finish the dome cap, eves and fire place with a cement render. (3:1 sand to cement)
Then lime render the lower part of the dome, stopping 600mm from the base where a cement ball/ fish scaly technique was used to protect the foot of the building from water and conceal cracks.

Our ambitions were great and an incredible amount was achieved. The cement rendering was a bigger job them expected and let’s just say that their were many lessons learnt in render consistency!

Here are a few pics to high light the days events and a link to a short video that I made of us all out in action today. Check it out!








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2 responses to “Earth Dom-ain

  1. Dan

    Looks like sweaty but rewarding work. A nice Zen outpost

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