From Melbourne to Milkwood

My name is Claire, I may be 890km from home but I have travelled less than that of my fellow interns, and boy is it worth the distance. I arrived at Milkwood just under 3 weeks ago and already I have learnt so much and am relishing in being part of such an amazing community of people. So why am I here?

I’m following my dream!

I have been nursing for the past 15 years and have seen no improvement in peoples health, we were always treating the symptoms, always in crisis management, always pushing pharmaceuticals as the way to better health. It didn’t sit right with me, I wanted a better solution, I wanted a healthier planet, healthier people, a healthier lifestyle for myself and to belong to a community. So my journey begins…

I completed my PDC in Walkamin, Far North Queensland in Sept 2010, after a chance meeting with the course convener and a chat about compost showers. After the course, I was hooked. I flew back to Melbourne, sold my house near the city, and headed off in search my my little piece of land to grow my dream. I found it in November, and at the end of January 2011 I was the proud owner of a 101 acres in Lake Fyans, at the foot of the Grampians National Park, Victoria, and declared, “I’m going to be a farmer!”

Which is why I’m here at Milkwood. To get hands on experiences, learn from the best in the business, improve my design skills, design my farm, add as many skills to my kit bag as I can and meet as many like minded people to share with as I can.

Then it’s off to my farm, Planet Claire, to implement my design and start living the dream. I want to become a leading example of regenerative, self-sustaining, chemical free, non-certified organic farming and share my knowledge with the wider community. Empowering and encouraging my community to be healthy, and ensuring myself, my family, and my friends (and our children’s, children’s, children’s children) have a paradise to enjoy that provides them with all there needs for a long, healthy, peaceful life.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me,


Making clay render for the tiny house, the locals pay us a visit, designing a water overflow management system then implementing that design, getting dirty cleaning and re-cobbing the rocket shower!



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14 responses to “From Melbourne to Milkwood

  1. Georges

    Good for you Claire.
    I admire your vision and deciciveness.
    You’re an inspiration … as all permies are.
    I hope to do something similar myself one day …
    Hope the weather at Milkwood is better than Melbourne.
    It’s pouring over here … heaviest September rainfall in 55 years.
    Cheers. Georges

    • Planet Claire Farms

      Hey Georges.
      I’m happy to report it’s a sunny 25 here! Thanks for your kind words, I can’t wait to get home and start the dream!

  2. That sounds great, Claire!
    Hope you have a great spring up at Milkwood – definitely a great place to skill-up!

    • Planet Claire Farms

      Hey Belinda,
      I can hardly keep up with the new skills we’re learning here! I’m going to need a new kit bag for sure. Thanks for reading.

  3. gardenfarmer

    stop wasting time claire!!

    • Planet Claire Farms

      I can honestly say that my time is not being wasted! The skills I am learning here, the connections I am making and the speed at which I can type ensures my time is well used and my knowledge greater. Thank you for reading and well done you for an amazing space you have down in Gippsland, looks beautiful.

  4. Beth

    Hey Claire,
    So proud of you babe for following your dreams and so excited by the way in which nature is always inspiring and suprising! ENJOY 🙂

  5. Congratulations on making the move and your successful transition, the world needs more people with your motivation 🙂

  6. Hi Claire, you seem like fun. Can’t wait to see how your experiences at milkwood turn out, will tune in with great interest!! Good luck! Thea &Mark

    • Planet Claire Farms

      Thanks Thea & Mark.
      Fun is my middle name and I can’t really function without it. So far Milkwood has been awesome and with so many courses this month I’m a sponge for all the knowledge! I can’t wait to get home and put it all together.

  7. paul

    awesome Claire! i feel i can relate to you.. anyway, i am doing pdc at milkwood in november, so will no doubt meet you!! seeya, paul

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