A walk in the woods, introducing Olivier

What a glorious day, and a busy one to begin the week. This is my first post on the Milkwood intern blog, exciting!! I will be out here for the next three months so will en-devour to make contact whenever possible.

I arrived out here at the start of the month and so much has happened already. I decided to get here a little early as I was keen to sit in on the Forest garden course run by Dan Harris. There has been much learning and progress made in the forest Garden since then and last week had been particularly productive as it was the week of planting. We put in fig trees, a variety of Acacias, Hazelnuts, and a mix bag of stone fruits only to name a few. I think that there must have been around 150 trees planted in those few days, but more on that another time. One of the things which I was just so inspired by was Dan’s knowledge of flora, species names, geographical origin, characteristics, and properties wether medicinal, edible or otherwise.

This is one of the many things which I would like (or at least begin) to learn while out here and to do so, myself and fellow interns will be starting a little botanical catalog of what we are growing in our Forest Garden and just in general around the farm.

As food and nourishment are also on the agenda, I think that I will share a little news about what comes out of the kitchen here at milkwood. Rose, our resident chef is a wizzardess in the camp kitchen and passionate about paddock to plate ethical cuisine. I think that we will be the first group here to leave fatter then we arrived, thank you Rose!!!

Now to share just a few words about myself. I have been working and living the hospitality lifestyle for the past 15 years. The kitchen has been my domain although I had always understood that food, beverage and community were synonymous so sort the education and training to develop a dynamic skill set. I have been fortunate enough to travel and work with some amazing chefs in Many different cities in Europe and here in Australia.

Earlier this year I returned from Italy after a couple of years away. My main focus during my time there was in natural wine making and holistic land management. Permaculture also slowly revealed itself and on returning I decided that the kitchen needed a rest and diverted my attention to this. It feels like a very natural transition and coming to Milkwood for me is all about new learnings, natural food productions, community and land care, self nourishment and care and new beginnings.

My attraction to the kitchen started with my passion for eating and a fascination with produce. Provenance is extremely important to me and I want to re-learn the traditions of reconnecting food with family with community. Milkwood is a special place and already feels like home, I am excited to be here and am loving the opportunities that are here for me.

Ok, I will leave it here for the night as there are books waiting for me in my tent on the hill.





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4 responses to “A walk in the woods, introducing Olivier

  1. Beautiful photos… is that some fancy iPhone app making them look all moody?

  2. Freaking beautiful photos!
    Hope you have a great spring at Milkwood!

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