Notes – Chicken Coop and mulch run

New chicken coop to be constructed with a 15m run to produce manured deep mulch to be used around property

Desire for meat and egg laying birds

Desire to raise chickens from eggs

Utilize new chicken tractor

Points to consider

size and construction of coop – materials – recycled from around property –

Dimensions = 1600w x 1800L x 2400 on high side1200H low side with Skillion roof

Pitch of roof – est 30 degrees

water harvesting off roof into a seres of water barrels down slope that overflow into swale

Coop on stilts with slat floor to keep clean

Deep mulch run 3m x 15m

Laying box size – 400 x 400mm per 5 birds

dimensions for perches:

number of perches = 3 – (200mm per bird)

perches = 50mm diameter

1st perch optimum height from floor = 1200mm

spaces between = 400mm (back and above)

position for coop on property

position of tractor on property

chick raising program and equipment needed – hen raised

seperating broody hens into own portable pen

breeds of chickens for each purpose

– Australorps and Favorelle for meat and eggs

– Indian Game for meat

– Aracauna for eggs (existing)

Number of birds for coop – max 20

Number of birds for tractor – approx 10

growing forage near by – Millet, Buckwheat, Amaranth, sunflowers


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  1. 1043mabovethesea

    I want to see pictures of the new chicklettes! Pleeeeease????

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